Tei Petals Tours and Safaris mission is to deliver the vast African experience through safari by transforming clients’ dreams into a reality with a combination of relaxed transportation and valiant drivers / guides and excellence accommodation.

Africa is the region – Kenya is the destination.


Our team is chosen for their experience, careful attention to details, and their vast knowledge of the tourism industry. We believe that by investing in our staff, we are investing into the future growth of our company and the quality of service to our clients. With dedicated teamwork and cutting edge technology, we continue to meet the challenges of a dynamic workplace.




We select only the finest hotels, lodges and camps. Each, carefully and thoughtfully chosen to reflect not only our own high standards, but also the spirit of the itinerary in which it is used. We also provide hotel and lodges information requested by our clients.


On safari, we use 06-seater minibuses holding no more than six passengers (depending on clients request), and where terrain demands, we use Land cruisers or Land rovers. We guarantee everyone a window seat. Each vehicle is fitted with a long range 2 way HF radios for communication. Cool-box for soft drinks, reference wildlife books and First-Aid Kits are available in the vehicles.


The most important single item in travel business in any destination is the quality of the guides. Their knowledge and experience can make any trip truly magical, knowledgeable and enriching. A good guide not only provides wildlife, cultural information and assistance with logical matters, but also becomes your friend – knowing when to step away and also knowing when to provide just a bit more assistance.

Each of our tour has a driver-guide, who meets clients at the Airport, stay with them for the duration of the entire tour. Each of our guides has been trained in all aspects of tourism, from geography to tribal laws in Africa. Apart from English language, some of them speak Italian, German and French.


Tei Petals Tours and Safaris is devoted to quality control, and to ensure that all services are kept at the highest possible standards. The Company leaves nothing to chance and its reputation is impeccable. It is the reason why we are joined by Travel Agents who need their customers to get a level of service that is exceptionally high.


Our destinations include Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda.