Lake Nakuru Safari Kenya

The island itself is a beautiful place of rolling dunes and endless beaches, where tiny villages nestle among coconut and mango plantations and lateen sailed dhows ply the waters. However Lamu’s real attraction is its Old town.
It is mainly a Swahili settlement that has many visitors and influences, including Portuguese explorers, Turkish traders and the Omani Arabs.

Dhow safaris can take you beyond Lamu into the surrounding archipelago, where there are isolated villages, ancient ruins and a few luxurious and exclusive resorts that lie hidden among the islands of Manda, Siyu, Pate and Kiwayu.

Lamu Cultural Festival, an international attraction, is a celebration of both the past and the future, and the beliefs and traditions that are the heart and soul of the Lamu community. Most visitors to the island fall in love with this relaxed and peaceful lifestyle, and visiting during the Lamu Cultural Festival is a chance to experience Lamu life at its most exuberant and joyous.

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